About us

Maldon Focus Inc. is a group of people from Maldon and district who believe that thinking people make a difference.

This website is where you can find out what we’ve done, what we’ve got, and what’s coming.

Over time we hope this will become a repository of thoughtful articles, links and documentation regarding all kinds of issues concerning Maldon, as well as items of broader interest.

Currently Maldon Focus Inc. runs a series of quarterly conversations with local people or people with local interests on topics ranging from illustrated manuscripts to the history of the local train line.

The Purpose of the Association as stated in our Rules is:

1. to work towards Maldon physically reflecting its unique heritage and its title of Australia’s first Notable Town

2. to enhance Maldon as a viable, living, sustainable community

3. to network and liaise with community interest groups and our elected representatives, formally and informally, to foster collaboration

4. to be  a well informed, respectful and respected communication channel to the Shire of Mount Alexander