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Minnows and Monsters – Gold Mining in Maldon – July 1st

Many large-scale gold mines operated in Bendigo, Ballarat and Maldon at the peak of the 19th century mining boom. But some of these monsters started as tiny one or two man outfits armed with plenty of dreams but without much capital. So how did the technology change when minnows morphed to monsters? Clive Willman will describe how gold was mined at different ends of the spectrum. Using historical images and video footage of modern ‘minnows and monsters’, Clive will examine the technology, culture and economics of an industry that made Victoria wealthy.

Presented by: Clive Willman, Recently retired from the Geological Survey of Victoria. Consultant Geologist and Mining Historian, with a Q&A session including Brian Cuffley, Exploration Manager, Mandalay Resources, Dr. Rod Gould, Consulting Geologist and Anthony Gray, Managing Director of Octagonal Mining.

Minnows and Monsters